ehrapy.preprocessing.subsample(data, fraction=None, n_obs=None, random_state=0, copy=False)[source]#

Subsample to a fraction of the number of observations.

  • data (Union[AnnData, ndarray, spmatrix]) – The (annotated) data matrix of shape n_obs × n_vars. Rows correspond to observations (patients) and columns to features.

  • fraction (Optional[float]) – Subsample to this fraction of the number of observations.

  • n_obs (Optional[int]) – Subsample to this number of observations.

  • random_state (Union[None, int, RandomState]) – Random seed to change subsampling.

  • copy (bool) – If an AnnData is passed, determines whether a copy is returned.

Return type:



Returns X[obs_indices], obs_indices if data is array-like, otherwise subsamples the passed AnnData (copy == False) or returns a subsampled copy of it (copy == True).