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ehrapy is a modular open-source Python framework designed for exploratory end-to-end analysis of heterogeneous epidemiology and electronic health record data.


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Exploratory electronic health record analysis with ehrapy Lukas Heumos, Philipp Ehmele, Tim Treis, Julius Upmeier zu Belzen, Altana Namsaraeva, Nastassya Horlava, Vladimir A. Shitov, Xinyue Zhang, Luke Zappia, Rainer Knoll, Niklas J. Lang, Leon Hetzel, Isaac Virshup, Lisa Sikkema, Eljas Roellin, Fabiola Curion, Roland Eils, Herbert B. Schiller, Anne Hilgendorff, Fabian J. Theis medRxiv 2023.12.11.23299816; doi: .

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